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Meet our beloved dogs

We breed English creme golden retriever +
Pekingese puppies for sale
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Always with a happy twinkle in her eye, she loves her puppies! Skylar is calm, obedient, and always patient in any situation.

Image of Golden retriever puppies for sale in California.
Her puppies inherit her beautiful face and kind eyes, too.

Our sweet Danni loves a ball, loves to play, and swim. She is an affectionate and attentive mother whose puppies are always healthy, outgoing, and athletic like her.

Image of a golden retriever with a litter of puppies for sale in California.

We imported Kira from Ukraine. She has the softest strawberry blonde coat and a tender and patient nature. She loves people and really loves the baby puppies.

TLC Breeding raises litters of puppies in California.
We'll sometimes find her in the whelping pen with other mothers, helping to clean and love on their puppies too!

Luke came to us from Ukraine, where he was a junior champion. He is an 80-pound bundle of fluff, love, and adventure. He greets everyone with his wonderful smile, and usually a big hug!

Image of a golden retriever that makes golden retriever puppies for sale in California.

Luke is OFA-tested and is clear of the ICH gene, so his puppies will never have bad skin, hot spots, or itching.

Image of a dog for golden retriever puppies for sale in California.

He is currently in training to receive his Canine Good Citizen Certification. He passes on his wonderful temperament and playful personality to all of his puppies. All of his kids also get his large size and good bone structure.

Image of english golden retriever puppies for sale in California.
Luke is a passionate swimmer and ball chaser. He is an intelligent and affectionate retriever who plays hard and is happy all the time; that beautiful wagging tail never rests!

We imported MIllie from Ukraine as well. She has excellent bone structure and beautiful movement. Millie is a great cuddle bug and will literally crawl up on your lap.

Image of a golden retriever part of TLC Breeding where you can get puppies for sale.
She is smart and compliant, which she also passes on to her puppies.

Our Pekingese
Our precious Pekingese hold another part of our hearts. They are feisty, hardy little dogs with big personalities and lots of puppy kisses to share.

Image of a purebred pekingese puppy for sale in California.
Our big-daddy Joshua came from Minnesota. He has a coat to die for (read: lots of brushing) which he gives to his babies. We have three mommas who share puppy-making responsibilities: Jennifer, Joy, and Jessie.

Our four pups create black and whites tricolors, white with caramel markings, solid black, and even some deep brown coats with lighter markings.

Our granddaughter (by affection) Ruby lives with us and raises the puppies with so much love that the puppies gladly share back with everyone they meet! She imprints every litter with Early Neurological Stimulation, socializes them, and potty trains them. Be careful if you want a Pekingese; they're like potato chips and tattoos: it's hard to only have one!

Image of a Pekingese breeders family pet.

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We breed health-tested golden retriever and Pekingese puppies.
Image of a California Pekingese puppy for sale.