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TLC Puppy Paradise

Find a new family member in our litters of Pekingese and English creme golden retriever puppies.
Image of a puppy from a pekingese breeder in California.

Meet TLC Puppy Paradise
We raise pedigree golden retrievers and Pekingese puppies in our home, surrounded by love.

We are R.L. “Buff” and Gail Benson, owners, and operators of TLC Pet Paradise, aka Camp TLC Pet Resort, TLC Mobile Pet Grooming, and Doggyland Dogs.

We have been Silicon Valley’s trusted Pet Care Professionals since 1989. Together we bring over 50 years of education and experience to pet care.

The mission of TLC Puppy Paradise, with God’s help, is to breed medically sound, smart pups with common sense that become your best canine companion and family member possible.

Image of TLC Breeding, English Golden Retrievers and Pekingese.
Our Breeding Philosophy
Our mission is to give our golden retriever and Pekingese puppies the best start in life to be loving companions

We surround our dogs and their litters with experienced care and love to give them the best possible start in life. We genetically test and health screen all our dogs. They live in our home as a treasured part of our family, as do the puppies, until they're ready, at ten weeks, to join yours.

Meet Our Dogs!
We breed English creme golden retriever + Pekingese puppies for sale
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Find your new best friend
English golden retrievers + Pekingese puppies bred in California.
Image of an English Golden Retriever from TLC Breeding.